Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why Even Try Anymore?

A friend from then and now recently wondered aloud, "why even try anymore" ... and while I thought perhaps she wasn't necessarily expecting an answer, I thought I'd try ...

It caught my eye when you wondered aloud "why even try anymore" ...

Now, I know not of what you refer and it's tough to sense inflection on the 'Net, but I wonder if there is a bit of melancoly and frustration within those words, so I thought I'd reach out with a clatter of cliches and movie references woven clumsily together in a caring effort to encourage...

Why even try anymore?

Perhaps you'll try again because there's a chance, however slim, however remote, that it might still work -- whatever it is. While I'm comfortable with the saying that "hope is not a strategy", that doesn't diminish the power and purpose of hope -- it can be an elixer, a lifeblood, a reason to proceed ... because there is still a chance. Believe.

Moreso, perhaps you'll try again because there's benefit in the effort. No chance of success so why try? Well, somethings are worth trying because of the effort itself ... those cases where its the journey, not the destination, that truly matter. Keep going.

Yoda once opined that "There is no try. Do. Or do not." Now, he's a wise little muppet who turns a catchy phrase, this one meant to strengthen the resolve of young jedis -- but misapplied, his words can be misleading -- as they makes failure seem like an end, rather than the start of another effort to "do". Yoda speaks of that which you can directly control within yourself. If the goal the demands you "give your all", you can control your all and there is no try -- Yoda's right -- either do, or do not. But to extend it to reaching the goal is dicey. Something beyond your control may trump your all and prevent you from reaching the goal (but that's not a reason not to try as we've discussed above). Here, Yoda's words are meant to challenge one to then reinvent your "all" and, yes my jedi friend, try again -- on your way to "do". Our hairy eared friend exhorts us to set aside the "I tried" as a reason to stop, pushing us to do the do instead.

Why even try anymore? The answer is within your heart. Ask yourself, "what would be wonderful?" And then try. And don't give up if try doesn't work. While "try try again" puts the "tri" in trite, it's right. Do it ..

Remember, there's nothing that says you have to try alone or try empty handed. Remember the moment behind the wall in the Princess Bride where they took inventory of their assets? Ahhh -- perhaps you have the equivalent of a wheelbarrow and a halocaust cloak in your pocket ... perhaps you've met your Spainiard and your Giant ... Think creatively, use your assets, seek assistance from those around you -- and have fun storming the castle.