Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Tinkers to Evers to Chance of Camera Shopping

As I stalk the planet with my Nikon D300 (and it's trusty sidekick, the Manfrotto 682B), a number of folks have asked about cameras. It occurs to me there are three websites I recommend most everytime somebody asks -- so I thought I'd give them some public love out here ...

Ken Rockwell is a photographer who has seemingly shot with every camera out there and is not shy about sharing his opinion. I appreciated his research so much I sent him a paypal donation as I figured he saved me the cost of a couple photo magazines ... His overall recommendations are out at:

Digital Photography Review has an incredibly extensive collection of pretty objective reviews and comparisons of a huge array of cameras. Plus, they have forums for users of specific cameras so you can read real world thoughts on the ones you're interested in:

I've had great luck buying cameras and gear from B&H Photo in New York City. Prices consistently on the low end of the really credible sources and I've never had a problem with an order. I have even had a successful exchange with them as I upgraded a 681B monopod I bought from them to the 682B.

You can always go the Consumer reports path, there are unending websites out there (Steves Digicams jumps to mind), and eBay is a fascinating wild fronteir of purchasing -- but the three I shared are rock solid in my opinion. I hope they prove as helpful to you as they have for me. Enjoy!