Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome to The Donutrun Soapbox

Back in the early days of the 'Net, when we wrote our own HTML code, there was an online oasis of optimism known as "Donutrun: Where Quixote Goes For Breakfast -- a Cyber Donutshop For the Mind" ...

The handcrafted webpage had a tribute to Man of LaMancha that was repeatedly sited in academic work ... It had one of the first Pittsburgh Steelers sites which earned a nickle-per-click from CBS Sports ... It had many eclectic flavors of cyber donuts, the relevant one here being "The Soapbox" ... which was a blog before blogs existed, saying:

This site begins to fulfill my life long desire for a newspaper column or a radio talk show. It is my forum to speak.

The following ventings are all considered "works in progress" ... They vary in length, subject seriousness, conclusion firmness, and general relevancy. I may or may not pester with the mundane conventions of spelling, grammar, and punctuation. As they each evolve, their logic will solidify, the writing will elevate, and the pesuasiveness will expand (maybe).

You need not agree with what I post. I say these things to hear them said. An exercise in ego? Undoubtedly. A chance to deepen understanding? Perhaps.

Remember, I did not ask you to listen. I chose to speak ... you chose to listen ...

The voices in my head have grown tired of talking to one another and since it seems I am still the only one who hears them, I grant them this forum for their foolishness. A continued exercise in ego and self-entertainment? Certainly. An intellectual electrontic treasure-trove of inspiration, edification, and enlightment? Possibly, perhaps, but certainly less likely.

Remember, I chose to speak ... you chose to listen. With that in mind, welcome to The Soapbox.

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