Sunday, October 31, 2010

May He Make Me a Jack-O-Lantern of Love

I was inspired by Father Daniel's reference to this analogy in his homily today ... thought I'd record it from my perspective here so I could come back to it and refine it, as I think there's something there that I really like ... Not sure from whom it originates, so I'll go looking for deeper attribution as well.

As the Halloween season approaches, may our Lord make me a jack-o-lantern of His love. Here's hoping He picks me from my pumpkin patch and washes off the dirt that is caked to me ... That He will open my heart and scoop out the icky stuff and cast aside seeds of doubt ... That He will fill me with His light ... and that He opens my eyes, ears, nose, and mouth so I can share His light with others.

Now, that's not where jack-o-lanterns came from and it's not the meaning most folks associate with them. Still, there's something in the analogy that works for me -- and now, when I see a jack-o-lantern blazing away in all it's spooky spirit, I'll think of myself and hope that some of the love God has given me is shining though my human weakness for others to enjoy. It will help remind me to take matters into my own hands and help God clean some of the icky and seeds out of my life ...

Now, where did Marilyn hide that Halloween candy???

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